Whether you’re a mountain biker, roadie or a commuter with a basket on the front of your cruiser, Bike Fest Cape Town has more dedicated cycling exhibitors under one roof than any other event in SA, and they are ready to let you touch, experience and buy (of course!) the latest and greatest in everything cycling


The exhibition has the following categories of exhibitors:

Bicycle Companies:   We have them all, from the boutique carbon fibre trail bikes to custom made steel tourers.  And best of all?  More than 120 test bikes will be available from these exhibitors, and what’s even better than that?  ALL exhibitors will allow ordering with amazing pricing at the Festival.

Parts, Components, Gadgets:   From the latest drivetrains, to lighting, to saddles, to suspension forks through to tyres and GPS watches, there’s really not much in terms of items you will not be able to touch and see.  We believe on a hands on experience, so all exhibitors will have wheels to hold, handlbars to swing about and even pumps to, well, pomp.  And if we didn’t say it already, there are going to be some insane Festival Specials.

Clothing, kit, shoes and caps:   For those wishing to kit themselves out in the latest swag, we have a whole selection of exhibitors from custom kit manufacturers, to the cool slogan t-shirt guys through to the big name shoe and helmet manufacturers.   Try on, see how crazy you look in the latest shades and compare back to back which items work for you.  Never before is so much choice within one space.

Services and Lifestyle:   We have the dedicated bike finance people (you may just take a liking to that 6kg carbon Italian bike and need it NOW), to the insurance people to those who offer specialised cycling tours through remote parts of the world.   Then there are our exhibitors in this category showing you the latest in bike transport cases, massage and gels and creams, and even the types of racks for your car or SUV!

Health and Nutrition:   From protein shakes to chewy tablets to hydration electrolyte drinks, there is a never ending selection from our exhibitors in this category, we even have a locally made cereal that promises to give you extra watts on those climbs.   Also remember to visit the cycling coaches and bike fit teams who would be able to advise you on getting even more out of every ride.

Corporate Hospitality:   Our corporate exhibitors not only have some amazing stands to explore, but also for their loyalty clients, are hosting lounges and places to take a break from all the excitement and grab a cool drink or snack, before heading out to see and do even more than you thought was possible at bicycle festival.


Brands and companies wishing to exhibit at Bike Fest, please contact our sales team today!

Incentivised options available to those with stands that encourage hands-on displays and test bikes.  Make it interesting for our guests, and we’ll make it cheaper to be part of the festival!