Bike Fest 2019 Cape Town?

“What happened to the 2019 event for Cape Town?” has flooded our inboxes over the past few weeks as we’ve transitioned the event into a larger, broader event for 2020.

Bike Fest started as a passion project by the team from Africa’s biggest fashion production company who were all keen cyclists. During London Fashion Week in 2015, the team attended a cycle show and knew that they could do better in South Africa, and that a stand-alone weekend of everything cycling was really needed. Whether you rode mountain bikes, road cycled or even BMX’d, they wanted you covered. For enjoyment, or racing, it was to encompass everything awesome.

So BIKE FEST was borne, and the team rolled it out in 2018 to much success, and an exhibitor return rate of 94%, as well as speaker return rate of 90%. But the vision for the event was much larger, and as a cycling festival and expo are not the core business, the team looked to partner with more experienced people in the expo space, and this meant that growing / marketing / developing the platform is possible to the vision they originally had.

So for 2019, the teams are at the drawing board taking the 2020 event to new highs, all your favourite brands will still be there, the talks on everything to exploring by bicycle to nutrition remain, and partnerships with film festivals mean that another part of BIKE FEST, to offer year round experiences, will continue even bigger than before.

So we apologise to everyone who was excited to pop in and test ride bikes, catch a talk or watch a film in 2019, but we assure you that 2020 will be bigger, better and have more bikes and related things to experience than you can imagine.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, we’re here for you.